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Our research areas

Our TBI research initiatives are focused on four key areas: Prevention, Identification, Treatments and Training.
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About the AENC

Learn about our background, our services and how to engage in Acute TBI research at America's Premier Training Installation.
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Research background

Why we are involved in acute TBI research

image At Army TRADOC installations, such as Fort Leonard Wood, as civilian's transition into soldiers during Initial Entry Training (IET), followed by Advanced Individual Training (AIT) the physicality of the training often results in injuries to the Trainee's. It is estimated there are between 400 and 600 TBI's occurring annually, from training such as the Confidence Course, the Grenade Range, the Vehicle Rollover Simulators, Pugil Stick training and surprisingly, the barracks areas. (Many Trainees have never slept in a narrow bunk bed before.) Further, in the more advanced training such as the Military Police Take-Down training, and the Breacher Training, TBI's are utterly predictable.  The AENC is committed to reducing the burden of TBI in our armed forces and works closely with the US Army and Universities to foster research, thus increasing understanding and improving the science of Acute Traumatic Brain Injuries.